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Long Exposure US Space & Rcoket Center Huntsville Alabama

Brands live on the web these days and we know how to give them life. Create an experience your clients will love and engage with one of our digital marketing experts for a synced digital brand management experience.

It is important to manage your digital brand because it defines how your customers interact with your business online. Through digital brand management, you can shape that experience to your advantage and efficiently market your business. Do it With You Marketing monitors 

It is important to manage your digital brand because it defines how your customers interact with your business online. Through digital brand management, you can shape that experience to your advantage and efficiently market your business. Do it With You Marketing monitors 

Website Features

The holistic overview of policies, plans, and tactics that influence people's online brand experiences through social media, search, websites, apps, paid advertisements, and other digital platforms is known as digital brand management. Do It With You Marketing specializes in digital brand management for small businesses, contractors, dental and medical offices that depend on local SEO. Our marketing consultants oversee your account with several objectives:

Consistent and compelling brand messaging will be displayed across all channels.

Assistance with generating more sales and revenue is provided by the brand's digital marketing strategy for long-term growth.

Providing you a monthly overall report of your progress and your reviews.

Improve your brand's visibility and ranking on Google and other directories with consistent monitoring and tweaking.

High-performing local businesses have figured out just how important investing in local search marketing actually is: a recent study by Google found that SMBs that are making the most use of online are 2.8 times more likely to enjoy revenue growth than those who do not.  

Recurring costs (monthly) 

Brand Account Management
$149 per month (required)

Includes 5 hours per month for client consultations, client communications, notification of new reviews,  weekly or monthly reports, review website updates (if we made your website), search lead opportunities, market research, and other digital marketing services such as Google My Business posts and optimization. Includes monthly reports and progress on local SEO to improve rankings in Google and other directories.

Social Media Management
$100 per month

For 5 basic posts per week on Facebook: We will incorporate videos and photography as we grow our library of photos etc. We utilize the 4-1-1 posting philosophy where 4 posts per week are not related to your industry but are designed to draw interest or increase engagement. One post per week specific to your industry and one post specific to your business. 7 posts per week for $125 and 3 posts per week for $75. 

Video and Photography (required on local accounts)

For $50 per month photography and video (one trip included) should allow us to create several three-minute videos and multiple stills. Additional work is available at $30 per hour including trip time, onsite time, and editing.  See our YouTube development boost under one-time charges options)

Review Generation (highly recommended)

$10 per month Review Generation (recommended to consistently encourage reviews)
Review invites are sent by our platform to your customers, via your website (If available)  texts, or email for the best chance of receiving reviews that fit the guidelines of the top review sites. We will check for new reviews every day. You'll also be able to respond to reviews on these sites directly from within this report or we can respond to positive reviews for you and assist you with any negative ones. We can even provide your website with a widget that showcases your great reviews and automatically displays them on your website. Not necessary if you have an existing review generation system.

One Time Charges

$149 Brand Account Management Setup (required)

Five hours labor to set up monitoring software, create and optimize social media channels, location listing audit, website audit, initial client consultations, and communications, establish keyword objectives, and research your existing digital marking base.

$149 Local Listings Optimizations (New Businesses)

We need a local SEO boost: $199 includes hand submission to 100 directories which are crucial to your local SEO.  We include a report of the citations to be submitted and fixed. Includes submission to four data aggregators (and their fees) that will ultimately result in directory submission to  1000’s of directories ( in as little as 6 months) with your correct NAP (name, address, phone). This Is part of the process necessary to rank you higher on Google.

Existing businesses will be priced after our free report as they may need corrections and or deletions of incorrect listings that damage their google rankings. 

Website Design

Website creation is based on each site and is normally $400 and up.  Wix website hosting is $19 per month and  Ascend by Wix additional marketing tools for your own use is about $10 per month). If your site qualifies we may be able to create your site and include hosting for $50 per month (six-page site)

Additional Services If Required

All our services are based on $30 per hour and if we need to go above those expected hours as indicated above we will seek approval and discuss the benefits and goals with you )

Should you need a website 

$5 for each social channel

The charges for each social media page/channel are 5$ per month to cover the cost of our software.

Optional   (but highly recommended)

YouTube: We create 10 videos (five on each trip) for $30 each
per video. Videos will include a custom introduction and ending, and a local SEO-optimized description. For instance, we may film an interview with someone for 15 minutes and break that interview up into five 3-minute videos. These prove very effective for use on Facebook, google my business, and your website. Time can vary by location but typically a location video would consist of multiple b roll shots allowing us to make 3-5 videos in one setting.

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