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Digital Screen Ad Network

Monetize Your Wall With A Digital Screen

Partner with us and let us do the hard work, you simply provide the TV monitor. Working with your team, we will create twelve digital images and apps promoting your business on your screen with15-second ads from the community dispersed among your own content and apps.

High volume hosts can earn up to $1,000 per month. 

How Much Is My Investment?

While the backbone is complicated, the concept is quite simple. You are simply responsible for allowing us access to a digital screen on your wall. Your only other investment is a $30 Amazon Fire Stick. 

Your business will feature a dozen 15-second screenshots or videos promoting your business as well as a multitude of apps including up to date national news, sports news, weather, and others. Optimally your screen will also include local event promotions and videos of local interest. Most loops will launch about 4 minutes long and as they fill with advertisers they could be 15 minutes long. 

How Does It Happen?

We create your device for you and ship it to you for a simple plug-in to your digital screen or TV. You send us a series of images for us to create your screen as well as the content to be included in each segment. If you are a restaurant you may choose to promote your deserts, daily special, upcoming events, catering, craft beers, happy hour specials, solicit reviews, #hashtag,  Instagram page and more. Doctors or Dental offices may want to promote special services, info from drug companies, check-up reminders or info particular to their office or profession. The list of possibilities is endless. 

We work with you to select the apps you wish to include. One 15 second screen will be dedicated to promoting other businesses to purchase advertising in the network, one screen 15-second screen promotes our services and another will promote local events. You are encouraged to solicit your friends to advertise as well since you receive half of all ad sales. Remember,  you have 100% control of what advertisers are on your screen. This assures you that your competitors are NOT on your screen. For an additional $20 per month, you can have a screen dedicated to a digital menu. 

What's In It For You?

Each screen has segments, which are 15-second images or apps to either advertise your business or show apps to customers for example ESPN, CNN, Local weather, Google Traffic, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and many others. Other segments include advertisements for local businesses, & segments to encourage buying advertisement segments on your screen.

Your screen will earn $20 per month for each advertisement converting to $200 per month (10 advertisement segments), $400 per month (20 advertisement segments), and up to $1,000 per month with 50 advertisement segments.

Each Screen Includes:


  • 12 Segments for your business and/or apps


  • 1 Segment to buy an advertisement on the screen


  • 1 Segment for Do It With You Marketing 


  • 1 Segment to advertise the local community events


  • Up to 50 segments for advertisements 


Run time for each loop of segments can run from 4-15 minutes, With 10 advertisement segments, the loop will last about 6 minutes.

How Do We Advertise My Business on the Network?

You chose the businesses you want to advertise on and we get approval from the host. Your cost is $39.99 per month per 15-second screen segment. We can create you a custom ad, you can provide your own or we can display your latest Instagram/Facebook post. Ask for $19.99 per month opportunities.

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$39.99 Per Month Per Screen Ad

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