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Launch your brand-new business with a spectacular opening event featuring professional photography and give it a significant boost through targeted digital marketing, all for an unbeatable price of just $300.

Experience the grand opening like never before with Do It With You Marketing's exclusive special for small businesses in Morgan, Lawrence, and Limestone County, Alabama. Elevate your brand with professional photography of your business's exterior, interior, and stunning aerial drone shots. As a bonus, get featured on the "Things to do in Decatur" Facebook page, reaching over 20,000 members. Don't miss this chance to showcase your business in the best light and attract new customers. Book now and make your grand opening an unforgettable success!

  • Five pictures of the ribbon cutting and reception

  • One drone shot of the ribbon cutting

  • Five drone shots of the building

  • Three shots of the outside of the facility

  • Five inside pictures

  • Create a Google Business Profile

  • Post all pictures on Google Profile

  • Make two posts on Things to Do in Decatur Group and Decatur Alabama Community Group

  • Create a graphic to be used on Social Media

  • Google Inside Streetview starting at $99

  • Additional professional photography is available

Grand Opening Special only $300

The grand opening special includes a drone shot of the ribbon cutting, five images of the ribbon cutting and reception, five drone shots of the building, three exterior shots of the facility, and five interior pictures. Furthermore, a Google Business Profile will be created, and all images will be posted on the profile. Additionally, two posts will be made on the "Things to Do in Decatur Group" and "Decatur Alabama Community Group," and a custom graphic for social media use will be created. Google Inside Streetview services are available starting at $99, with the option for additional professional photography.

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