Featured Apps

Social Media Apps

(Recomended for hosts & advertisers)

  • Facebook

    Create a Facebook wall and showcase your Facebook page

  • Instagram

    Live scrolling wall of Instagram posts. You can also review and moderate posts before they show up on your screens

  • Twitter

    Live scrolling wall of tweets.
    You can also review and moderate posts before they show up on your screens

  • YouTube

    Bring any YouTube video to your digital screen

Business Apps

(Recomended for hosts)

  • Google Reviews

    Improve social proof by showcase your Google Reviews

  • Yelp

    Leverage your customers' reviews and show them on your digital screen

  • Trip Advisor

    Promote your business with TripAdvisor reviews

  • Follow Us

    Gain more followers by promoting your social media accounts

  • Facebook Recommendations

    You can leverage Facebook recommendations, reviews you received on your Facebook pages to display on your screen

  • Motivational Quotes

    Display the Motivational Quotes app on your big screen TV

News Apps

(Recomended for hosts)

  • CNN

    Display CNN News: Top Stories, Breaking News, World, US, EU, Business Technologies, and more

  • ESPN

    Display ESPN News on your digital signs: Most up to date news, top stories, NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, College Footballs and more 

  • Live Weather

    Keep your customers updated with the local weather information

  • The New York Times

    Display The New York Times and stay up to date with the latest news from the US and around the world

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Display The Wall Street Journal's Breaking and Business News from the US, EU and around the world

  • Google Traffic

    Inform viewers regarding the localized traffic patterns happening in the area

  • TechCrunch News

    Display TechCrunch's stories for Startups, Gadgets, Fundings & Exits, GreenTech and more ...

  • The Guardian

    Display The Guardian's Business News and Top Stories from the US, EU and around the world

  • Sky News

    Display Sky News on your digital screen


    NASA TV airs a variety of regularly scheduled, pre-recorded educational and public relations programming 24h a day

  • News

    News for: World, US, UK, Business, Technology, Sport, Entertainment, etc

  • RSS Feed

    Use RSS feeds from well known organizations like the New York Times or use your own RSS feeds on your screens

User Updated

(Recomended for hosts & advertisers)


(Recomended for hosts)

  • Google Drive

    Quickly put images, videos from your Google Drive to your screens. Changes to your Drive will automatically be synced

  • Dropbox

    Quickly put images, videos from your Dropbox to your screens

  • OneDrive

    Quickly put images, videos from your Microsoft OneDrive on your digital signs screens by using OneDrive App

  • Google Slides

    Easily put Google Slides presentations on your screen. Any changes you make will automatically be updated

  • Website

    Display any website on your screen

  • Scrolling Website

    Sometimes you are required to show a certain website and have it scroll or zoom in a certain way.

Video Apps

(Recomended for hosts & advertisers)

  • Facebook Video

    Facebook video has a large collection of high-quality videos in a wide range of topics

  • Vimeo

    Vimeo has a large collection of high-quality videos in a wide range of topics

  • Facebook Live

    Put Facebook Live Streams on your digital signs


(Recomended for hosts & advertisers)

  • Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is a popular way to communicate schedules with your team and customers

  • Outlook Calendar

    Display your office schedule with Outlook Calendar, works with Office 365 and Outlook.com calendars

Clock & Timers

(Recomended for hosts)

  • Count Up

    Display a count up the clock on your Digital Signs, It's useful for counting up from an event or incident.

  • Count Down

    Display a Count Down clock on your digital signs. It's useful for counting down to an event or date relevant to your organization.

  • Simple Clock

    Display a classic analog or digital time

  • World Clock

    Display multiple clocks with multiple time zones on your screen


(Recomended for hosts)

  • Facebook Counter

    Highlight your organization's Facebook Likes with Facebook Counter app

  • Instagram Counter

    Highlight your organization's Instagram followers and create a call-to-action for viewers to engage further

  • Twitter Counter

    Highlight your organization's Twitter likes with Twitter Counter app

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