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Social Media

Do you have too many responsibilities in your daily routine to keep your social media accounts crisp and updated? Have you found that your social media profiles are underperforming when compared to your competition? Let Do It With You Marketing manages your social media accounts by offering you cost-effective social media management services.


Choose from several fixed rate Monthly packages for updating your choice of Social Media accounts based on the number of posts per week and the number of Social media accounts you choose. We can take care of your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and keep them populated according to your wishes so you can focus on growing your business.


We can also look after your Social Media account while you are on hiatus.


of consumers share video content from brands on social media because video content attracts them more.


of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been very effective for their business.


of the marketers have confirmed how socials can be a great source to expand the audience/reach of your business!


of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media over one they do not.

Digital Marketing Features

The first step most customers and clients take when seeking to learn more about your products or services you offer is to research your social media and they expect fresh and frequent content. If they don't find reassurance of the credibility of your business, then they will utilize another company's service. Our digital marketing professionals strive to increase trust between you and potential clients.

Social media platforms allow business owners to communicate with their potential clients or customers uniquely. Many small businesses post several times a week about their business but fail to include engaging posts of local interest that build their page and increase the frequency of visitors.

We offer digital photography for businesses that want professionally edited images for social media or print. (additional cost)

$149 per month Digital Marketing Account Management 

Includes 4 hours per month for client consultations, client communications,  website updates (if we created your website), lead opportunities, research, and other digital marketing services such as Google My Business posts. We provide monthly reports and progress on local search engine optimization to improve rankings in Google and other directories.


​Review invites are sent by our platform to your customers, via your website, texts, or email for the best chance of receiving reviews that fit the guidelines of the top review sites. You'll be able to respond to reviews on these sites directly from within this report or we can respond to positive reviews for you and assist you with any negative ones. We can even provide your website with a widget that showcases your great reviews and automatically displays them on your website. 

$125 - $199 per month Social Media Management

Four posts per week on Facebook, We will incorporate videos and photography as we grow our library of photos, etc.  We utilize the 4-1-1 posting philosophy where 4 posts per week are not related to your industry but are designed to draw interest or increase engagement — one post per week specific to your industry and one post specific to your business.

Optionally, seven posts per week are $199.


$300 YouTube Creation and Library

We create 10 videos (five on each trip) for $30 per video. Videos will include a custom introduction and ending, and a local SEO-optimized description. For instance, we may film an interview with someone for 15 minutes and break that interview up into five 3-minute videos. These prove very effective for use on Facebook, google my business, and your website. Time can vary by location but typically a location video would consist of multiple b roll shots allowing us to make 3-5 videos in one setting.

$5 for each social channel

The charges for each social media page/channel are 5$ per month to cover the cost of our software.

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