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Website Features

What if all of your tasks could be achieved from one central location? What if you had access to extremely sophisticated marketing capabilities that you thought only multinational corporations could obtain? Automate selling processes, track consumer behavior, and much more ​


Our all-in-one business tool includes 20 products for you to start, manage, and grow your brand while building strong customer relations and promoting your products or services online and centralized in your website’s development platform. Many of these digital marketing and business tools are free and can be upgraded for a minimal charge.

Key Website Features

Live Chat: We can implement a Live Chat feature so that customers can reach out to you directly about any questions or concerns they may have.

CRM:  A CRM is essential to help maintain customer info to be able to market and upsell your clients. Easily contact your current customers or even add or upload current client info directly into the CRM.

Mobile-Optimized: We make sure our websites are mobile-optimized so they are easy to navigate from any mobile device.

Price Quotes and Invoices: Send price quotes to potential clients for free, If they accept you can convert the price quote to an invoice.

Free Included With each Website

  • Five forms with limited features

  • Chatbox 

  • Set up two automation

  • Share three social posts a month

  • Create four videos

  • Collect five recurring payment plans with invoices

  • Bookings Manager

  • Blogs

  • Events Manager

  • Customer Relationship Manager

  • Send price quotes and convert them to invoices

  • Create tasks, set due dates, and receive notifications when assignments are due

  • We utilize a customized plan to help improve your site's SEO and get found on search engines like Google.

  • Create professional email marketing campaigns with a variety of stunning templates.

  • Photo Galleries

  • Live website visitor notification

  • Logo maker

  • Phone number with local area code or 800

Most features can be expanded for a nominal fee (plans posted at the bottom of this page. Our program includes hundreds of apps that integrate with your website. Some are free, and some are available for a small fee. Setup of apps with training is based on the hours ($35 per hour)

Add-On Marketing Plans

Marketing Module Bronze

  • Remove Ascend Branding

  • 50 Lead Capture Forms

  • Scheduled Chat Hours

  • Real-time Customer Details

  • 5 Customizable Forms

  • 1000 Form Submissions/Month

  • Payment Forms

  • File Downloads

  • 5 Email Marketing Campaigns/Month 

  • 9500 Emails/Month

  • 5 Automation Rules

  • 5 Social Post Campaigns/Month

  • Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger

Monthly $129

Annual $120

Marketing Module Silver

  • Add 5 Contributors

  • Remove Ascend Branding

  • 150 Lead Capture Forms

  • Scheduled Chat Hours

  • Real-time Customer Details

  • Chat Automations

  • 20 Customizable Forms

  • 5000 Form Submissions/Month

  • Payment Forms

  • File Downloads

  • 20 Email Marketing Campaigns/Month

  • 50,000 Emails/Month

  • 20 Automation Rules

  • 20 Social Post Campaigns/Month

  • Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger

Monthly $29

Annual $288

Marketing Module Gold

  • Unlimited Contributors

  • Remove Ascend Branding

  • Unlimited Lead Capture Forms

  • Scheduled Chat Hours

  • Real-time Customer Details

  • Chat Automations

  • Unlimited Customizable Forms

  • Unlimited Form Submissions

  • Payment Forms

  • File Downloads

  • Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns

  • 1,000,000 Emails/Month

  • Unlimited Automation Rules

  • Unlimited Social Post Campaigns

  • Sync with Gmail and Facebook Messenger

  • VIP Support

Monthly $59

Annual $588


Get Visitors

In a Meeting

Capture Leads

Reaching a Deal

Close Deals

Open For Business

Gain Customer Loyalty

Business Owner

Manage Your Business

Live Visitor Notification & Chat

Receive instant notification as your visitors scan your site and engage them in live chat at the height of their interest in your product or service.

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